Quite Casual

Welcome Back Everyone!

Like I was saying on Instagram, you have so many new blog posts to see. This is one of the looks I have shot recently. The one thing I don’t like about it is my messy hair. You may have a lot of girls having messy hair and the pictures are still good. But this doesn’t work in my case unfortunately. So I had more than 50 pictures for the same look and because of the same reason I ended up deleting most of them.  Read More

Freshers’ Party Lookbook (Look 1) ft. Voonik

Hey guys!

I’m sure you guys must be wondering about me not being active here from a long time. Firstly I want to apologize for the same. All because of my busy schedule, assignments, exams and much more, I couldn’t get time to post anything here. I know it has been more than a month and I’m really sorry for that.  Read More

Be Healthy with Truweight

Hello There!

You might have seen me unboxing these products on my instagram stories. If yes, You may already know about the brand and the products. Here I am to give you a brief idea. Truweight is a weight loss company that provides weight loss counseling for people from across India. Their program ties fat burning foods with nutrition mentoring for weight loss ensuring you get a customized, effective plan. Read More

Review: Virgin Almond oil by Nature’s Absolutes

Hi Everyone!
Welcome Back!

I know it has been the longest time I haven’t posted anything here. All because of my busy schedule. I had a lot of collaborations lined up. Plus, my studies. Anyway, Today is the time to review this amazing product I came across a few weeks ago. As you can obviously tell from the title and picture, It is the Virgin Almond Oil from Nature’s absolutes  Read More

Tanishq’s Rivaah Collection

Hello Everyone!

You may already know that I attended the Tanishq event at the Times Gehena exhibition, Surat. They have recently launched their new collection which is called RIVAAH. I saw some of their pieces and literally loved it. I was so confused what to try and what not to. Being someone who loves wearing jewelery, I had to try what I loved. So I tried two of the jewelery sets and look how beautiful they really are! Read More

All so colorful


Hello Everyone!

I’m back again with another post. I glad that a lot of you liked the previous post which was a traditional one, I first time did that and I got such a good response. Thank you so much guys for all the love! Talking about today’s post, Firstly, how amazing is this place! I just love this location. I already have another post with this location. If you have been reading my blog since a long time you already know about it. Read More

Traditional Look

Hi guys!
Welcome back!

I’m so exited about this post as this is my first ever blog post for traditional look. I have never done something like this before. So I hope you guys will like it. On traditional occasions, reception parties, marriage functions etc. I prefer to wear traditional gowns because firstly, I love wearing them, secondly, You don’t have to think too much about how you are going to look. Read More

Sunscreen Review ft. Kaya

Another Sunscreen Review!

Hey girls! Sunscreen is extremely important for a girl. If you are the one who have not yet included sunscreen in your beauty regimen, then it’s high time that you should begin with one. Sunscreen is something which will prevent you from ageing and keep you looking all young and fresh for a longer time. Last time I tried a sunscreen from TBC and absolutely loved it. So why not to try something else?! Read More

The White Dress ft. Unlimited Stores

Hello guys!

As you know, this is the last post featuring the Unlimited Stores. I hope you likes the previous three looks I made. I wanted all of my looks to be so different so as nice. My last and the forth outfit is this one. It just stole my heart the moment I saw it. I knew I had to get this one. It’s a simple, casual white maxi dress which fun prints on it. Read More

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