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Kala Drishti

Welcome back you guys!

Today’s post is all about KALA DRISHTI. It is primarily an artist-run trust with support of upcoming artists as their primary agenda. The programs and initiatives are wide and varied, venturing into all realms of the artistic sphere, including advisory, camps, residencies, art awareness programs, outreach programs, seminars, symposiums, art appreciation programs, corporate gifting and so on. Kala Drishti, a trust conceived by artists themselves identifies this problem and realizes that for a self-sustaining industry that faces uniform growth and is able to sustain participating enthusiasts and artists, we need to start by creating an interest in such activates among all reaches of the society. Read More

Cream N Crust

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another food post today. It hasn’t been a very long time since Surat’s very famous ‘Cream N Crust’ launched their own cafe. I went there a few days back to try out their food, check out their ambiance and write a review for you guys. Now they do not only serve cakes and pastries but there are a lot many new things that you might love.  Read More

What a day at Whatta waffle!

Hello you guys!

I’m back with another post all about food. Today’s post is in collaboration with Whattawaffle! I had such a great experience that I’m gonna share with you guys today. So I went there a few days back and was surprised by their quick services. The place looks so cool. There is a wall on which you can put sticky notes by writing anything on it. Read More

Trying out Froozo

Hello guys!
Welcome back!

If you remember my snaps and instagram stories you would know that I visited Froozo cafe which is in my city Surat a few weeks ago. I was attracted by their pretty ambience and the prettiest look of the food. Read More

Being foodie ft. MCA

Hello my friends!
And welcome back to my blog!

Today’s post is something different than what you normally see here. It’s not about fashion or beauty but it’s about food this time. So I went to this cafe called Ministry of Cheesy Affairs (MCA) which is at Shop 3, Marvella Corridor, VIP Road, Vesu, Surat. It was my first time there and I was so excited to try out their items. But before talking about food, I would like to tell you that they have very pretty ambience. We like to eat where there is a calm environment, the service is fast and the service people are friendly. You defiantly will notice when you do visit the place. Let’s have a look at what this cafe actually looks like. Read More

Sequin Cushions ft. iheartankit

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back!

I’m so excited about today’s post. I showed you guys these sequin cushion just when I received it on Instagram and Snapchat stories. And so many of you guys loved it and asked me where I got it from and colors available and many more such questions.  So here are the answers. I got it from the brand called “iheartankit”. (Their instagram is These cushions are available in many colors with different combinations. Here (Click to check) is the link for their amazon store, in case you would like to purchase one.  Read More

Shampoos from Cavinkare (Review)

Hey guys!
It’s Review time today.

I’m gonna be reviewing three of my new favorite shampoos today. Two are from Nyle and one is from Chik. But before that let’s talk about the hair problems that I go through. I have naturally freezy and dry hair. My hair type is wavy. Also, I have a problem of dandruff which doesn’t seem to be going away. That’s why I love to try different hair products to recognize the best one for me. Read More

Be Healthy with Truweight

Hello There!

You might have seen me unboxing these products on my instagram stories. If yes, You may already know about the brand and the products. Here I am to give you a brief idea. Truweight is a weight loss company that provides weight loss counseling for people from across India. Their program ties fat burning foods with nutrition mentoring for weight loss ensuring you get a customized, effective plan. Read More

Tanishq’s Rivaah Collection

Hello Everyone!

You may already know that I attended the Tanishq event at the Times Gehena exhibition, Surat. They have recently launched their new collection which is called RIVAAH. I saw some of their pieces and literally loved it. I was so confused what to try and what not to. Being someone who loves wearing jewelery, I had to try what I loved. So I tried two of the jewelery sets and look how beautiful they really are! Read More

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