The Long Red Dress ft. Shein

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I got a lot of complements on the last blog post which is also in association with Shein. You guys loved the outfit. I got many DMs asking the outfit. If you haven’t see that post, click HERE to see. So, as I mentioned that I have 2 looks with Shein, here is the second one. I hope you guys like this one too. Read More

Jump into Jumpsuits ft. Shein

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Hope you guys are doing well! Today’s post is in collaboration with Shein. It is an international online shopping portal, they ship worldwide. Apart from clothing they also have great collection of jewelry, shoes and accessories. I personally love their collection. You find most of the trendy pieces there. And that too of good quality. And I’m really happy that Shein is finally in India. Read More

Freshers’ Party Lookbook (Look 4) ft. Voonik

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Today you are going to see the last and final look from Freshers’ Party lookbook that I have created with Voonik. If you haven’t seen my first 3 looks, Here is the First one, the second one, and the third one (Click to check). Talking about today’s look,  Read More

Flooded with flowers ft. G3+ Store

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Welcome to see the third look I have created with G3fashion(Click to check their website). If you haven’t seen my first two looks, Click HERE to see the first one and HERE to see the second one. This is my favorite look out of three of these. Because I love this outfit so much. Firstly because of the color. Then because of the pattern. Read More

Dhoti-Kurti Style ft. G3+ Store

Hello Everyone!

Hope you liked the first look I created in association with G3+ Store. If you haven’t see it, click HERE to see. In that post only I have given a brief idea about what G3 is. You can see their collection on and I’m sure you will love it. Talking about this second look, I’m wearing this beautiful kurti which comes with a dhoti. wearing kurtis with leggings has become boring now. But if you wear it this way, even your kurti pops up and doesn’t look boring at all.  Read More

All Dolled Up ft. G3+ Store

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As you might already know that I shot 3 looks in collaboration with  G3+ Store, Sutaria town, Ghod dod road, Surat. If you are living in Surat, you must already know about them. But for for people hearing their name for the first time, It is a well established store in Surat. Their collection is huge. Most of the pieces which are available in their store are also available on their website   Read More

The Camouflage Trend

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Today I’m going to talk about the camouflage trend. The camo print has suddenly become so trendy in the global market. There are so many pieces available like kurti, dresses, maxi, tops, crop tops and specially shirts. Even celebrities are loving this trend. It is available for men and women both that too in different colors like red, blue and specially the green one.  Read More

Living In Yellow ft. sense paradise

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Can’t believe we are already in 2018. For me, 2017 has been amazing. I have been so much active on my blog and social media. I updated my blog many times in 2017 and made it better. And the best part was that I collaborated with so so many brands. It’s all because of the love and support that you guys are giving me. Without you all, it wouldn’t be possible. Read More

Freshers’ Party Lookbook [Look 3] ft. Voonik

Hello everyone and welcome back!

Today’s post is the 3rd look from the lookbook that I have created with Voonik. I hope you guys have already seen two previous looks too. If not, HERE is the first one and HERE is the second. There are total 4 looks. The 4th one will be up soon too. You guys might remember this dress from my snapchat stories. I wore it to my freshers party and it looked absolutely gorgeous.  Read More

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